Performance Control

Reciprocating compressors are the most efficient gas compressors available when they are operating under the optimum conditions for which they are originally designed. They rarely run at optimum conditions. In fact, without some sort of capacity control device, they would often be operating well below optimum efficiency or overloaded to a point where they would have to be shut down.

Recompress provides fully engineered compressor performance solutions using modern analysis, advanced design technology and the latest manufacturing capabilities.

Our solutions can both be hardware devices as well as performance software solutions.

Our capability control devices provide an efficient means of managing unit load and flow allowing us to improve compression efficiency, reduce power consumption, match the compressor to changed process conditions, etc.

We can supply pneumatic actuators, (radial) unloaders, variable volume pockets and stepless automatic volume pockets. All our hardware devices can be fitted in the field.

Our software performance solutions are designed to provide our users with the direct access to their compressor operations. The solutions analyse the performance, show the save operations portfolio and advice the most efficient operations window.