Upgrading & Modernization

ReCompress has extensive experience and knowledge, allowing us to improve different parts of your reciprocating compressor installation. Whether you need to adapt to changes in capacity or pressure, find solutions for vibration issues, or work on projects like manufacturing new cylinders or upgrading oil systems, we’re here to help.

We start by carefully assessing your compression equipment to determine the possible areas for improvement. We also analyze compressor performance comprehensively, considering both the machinery itself and the processes involved in reciprocating compressor operations, including scrubber design, cooler design, and managing pulsation bottles for better efficiency.

Furthermore, ReCompress can upgrade and modernize compressors from various OEMs. Our services cover feasibility studies, modernization design, component manufacturing, seamless upgrade execution, and commissioning.

In essence, our services go beyond modernization; we offer a comprehensive improvement journey, ensuring that your compressor system operates most effectively.